Magic Mushrooms Centurion

Magic Mushrooms CenturionMagic Mushrooms Centurion is one of our team building events in Centurion. The aim with this event is low physical requirements, great meals, and lots of laughter. Start with an English Breakfast at Rhapsody’s Centurion, and order lunch from the menu at the Tennessee Restaurant.

09h00 - Breakfast @ Rhapsody's Centurion
Traditional English Breakfast at Rhapsody's. Coffee is served, but you are welcome to order a cappuccino, tea etc.

Ice Breakers and Fun Group Activities

Dividing Teams ±10pp/team

Escape Room Games
Escape Room is the new frenzy in Team Building. We are not allowed to lock the entire group in a three by four meter room, and instead the teams go on a Treasure Hunt to “break in” – utterly brilliant! Our  Escape Room consist of Maps, Riddles, Raffles, Puzzles, Invisible Ink, Newspapers, Books, Mirrors, Portraits, and many more  - 👓 ☼ 𝅙 ♤ ☩ ♡ ♬  🔦 🔎  ☏ ➾ 🏁

Toasted Sandwiches and Bottled Water

Magic Mushrooms
Teams compete in Top Brain Games, M…